Director, After Birth, CO:Lab Festival, The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, 2018

How do mothers voice they’re struggling during a time society expects to be the best? After Birth is a multi-media installation and performance putting the hidden issue of maternal mental health in public.

It began as a collaboration between writer Nicola Schofield, visual artist Naomi Kendrick and musician Jennifer Hardy and was developed for CO:Lab Festival with the addition of designer David Haworth, performer Sara Abanur and director Amy Hailwood.

Audience can come with a babe in arms, alone or within a group to a safe space where the unspoken is expressed visually, musically and through monologues. Let’s change the language around motherhood to something more honest.

For further information on the piece and full creative credits, please click here.

Below: Sara Abanur in performance, images © Highlight Collective