Ensemble cast member, Recycle: Disposable Lives, a Point Zero Physical Theatre production to raise awareness of homelessness in Oxford. Performed at The Old Fire Station Theatre Oxford, 15th and 16th March 2013.

Recycle: Disposable Lives explores questions of isolation, value, human fragility and belief through the tragically beautiful life stories of three different characters: a world-weary, middle-aged, ex-military man sits slumped on a park bench, mumbling to himself, unable to reconcile his past respected position with his current reality; a faded beauty and former academic scholar, scrabbles amongst street rubbish, searching for the anything that might help her to shake off the haunting memory of her own aching loss; a young girl who appears to have barely shaken off her teenage years, retreats into the street shadows, a suspected runaway, she looks out-of-place on the street.  Her exact story is unclear, her desperate vulnerability is not. Will these lives continue to be sidelined and considered disposable by society – or can they be recycled and restored to value and meaning?

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