Director, The Present, Octagon Theatre, Bolton, 2019

The Present, written by Nicola Schofield, was an entertaining and interactive original performance, that toured to local residential homes, day centres and community venues as part of the Octagon’s on-going aim of making theatre more accessible to patrons.

Funded by Ambition for Ageing, members of ArtBeat – the Octagon’s drama participation group for over 50’s, worked with professional actors to create the original piece of work exploring experiences of growing older.

The festive and engaging show featured carols and short scripted scenes, and investigated the issue of ageing and dementia – exploring the impact it has for those living with the illness as well as for the friends and family of those diagnosed.

Set at Christmas, it offered a fun, uplifting journey through the comedy, joy and occasional challenges of the festive season, and made older people’s lives visible and valuable.